I’m looking for a phone service, why should I choose Nano Telecom?

  •  No contracts ever
  •  No hidden fees
  •  We are there when you need us and we are always ready to help!
  •  Over 20 years of experience
  •  Easy to use. Simple to manage
  •  Save up to 40% over landlines.
  •  Easy to manage portal & app
  •  Fast & Easy Setup

Who can I call with Nano Telecom?

Anyone with a phone number. You can also conference call more easily and call internationally for much less.

What is Call Forwarding?

With Call Forwarding, you can redirect your calls to alternate phone number, like your office or cell number.

Where can I get a quote and how do I sign up?

Quotes and sign up forms can be requested online, by phone, email , presenting many options for our customers to connect with our team and get more information on our services.

Will I save money with Nano Telecom VOIP services?

Yes, and Nano Telecom is one of the most economical VoIP providers on the market. With voice over IP systems, advanced features that traditional telephone companies usually charge extra to utilize, 

How is Nano Telecom different from my land line service?

The main difference is that Nano Telecom works over the Internet.

We have robust carrier-grade platform, integrating cutting-edge VolP solutions with world-class switching and billing capabilities.

You get everything you’d expect from a landline, plus the ability to take your home phone plan with you. 

You can make and receive home phone calls, send and receive sms messages on your mobile phone when you download our app.

Is the Internet included?

Nano Telecom not an Internet Service Provider, so you’ll need to have your own Internet service in place.

Do i need an existing phone number?

No. If you don't have an existing phone number, or don't want to transfer your current one, we’ll be happy to give you a new number when you sign up. You can even choose from available area codes and select the phone number you like best.

Can i keep my US phone number if i move to another country?

Yes. You can keep your existing U.S. Nano Telecom phone number, even if you move to another country.

Can i talk with other Nano Telecom customers for free?

Yes, with our In-Network Calling, if the person you are calling is a Nano Telecom customer you can talk as long as you want for FREE, no matter where in the world they are. 

Will i receive a paper bill?

No, but you can see your statement anytime by logging in to your online account. You can also see past and present billing activity and print copies of your statements to keep for your own records.

Are there any annual contract or termination fees with ?

NEVER. We also don't charge fees if you leave Nano Telecom.

Can I switch to Nano Telecom but keep the phone number I already have from another carrier?

Yes, You can keep the number you already have from another carrier. First, check to see if your existing number is eligible for transfer to Nano Telecom. If it is, then just follow the on-screen instructions displayed during checkout to authorize the transfer. We'll do the rest. In rare circumstances we are unable to transfer a number to our network. This is often because we don't have a transfer agreement with the original service provider.

Please keep in mind:

  1. Your current phone service will work
    until you authorize the transfer and
    the process is complete.
  2. Do not cancel service with your old provider until the port process completes. 
  3. Checking your eligibility will not
    affect your current/existing
    phone service.

You’ll need the following information for verification purposes:

  • Account holder’s name & address.
  • The account number from your current carrier.
  • Passcode or PIN, if applicable, for your current carrier account.